Friday, September 4, 2009

365/42, 8/30/09

365/41, 8/27/09

35/40, 8/25/09

365/39, 8/24/09

Smiley kitty!

865/38, 8/23/09

The truth comes out, I've been slacking on taking a picture every day. So I try to make up for it when I have one day where there is more than one great picture.

365/37, 8/19/09

The stages of the puppy pictures.



I'll cut you, bitch:

365/36, 8/18/09

365/35, 8/17/09

This picture for some reason reminds me of Sponge Bob's friend, Patrick the star fish.

365/34, 8/16/09

Puppy found a spider slowly making it's way down from the ceiling toward my bed. Get it, puppy, get it!